My Book

I did it, guys.  I made a thing.

More specifically, I made a 72 page (more or less) full colour paperback of haikus about my Nursing degree.  It is little (4″x6″) like the poems inside it.  Here is what it looks like in my relatively tiny hands.



Here are some samples of what’s inside the book.  There’s also a bunch of book-related content scattered throughout this website, in case you want to see more.



If you want to buy my book, you have a couple of options.  You can buy a print copy, or a digital copy.  Print copies can be signed or not, it’s totally your call.  If you don’t want to buy my book, it’s ok.  I won’t take it personally, and I still love you.

DISCLAIMER:  This book contains discussions about life, death, and lots of stuff in between.  There is some disturbing content, and an F-bomb or two.  You’ve been warned.

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS FROM OUTSIDE THE US OR CANADA: if you have added a print version of the book to your cart, you will be asked to select the country to which you want your book shipped from a drop down menu, and you will also be asked to provide a postal/zip code.  You can’t leave the field blank, so just fill it with a bunch of View Cartzeros.

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