My Book

Taking The Plunge (And Other Tired Clichés)

TL;DR: I am self-publishing a little book of haikus about my Nursing degree.  It’s time to take a leap of faith, and order the print copies.  This is both terrifying, and exciting.  I’m peeing a little.


As you may or may not know, I recently wrapped up my Nursing degree at the University of Ottawa.  For a final project in one of my classes, I was asked to sum up the experience, using any medium of my choice.  Any medium.

Immediately the troll in me wanted to do a fifteen minute presentation incorporating elements of interpretive dance, hula hooping, and primal scream therapy.  It would be glorious.

But, as is so rarely the case with me, reason won out and I settled on something a little more appropriate.

I decided, for no real reason, that I would write a bunch of haikus.  As an excuse to do something fun in the guise of schoolwork, I figured those haikus should be written out in calligraphy.

And so my little book was born.

Over the next few weeks I wrote dozens of silly, sad, or angry three-line poems, and diligently copied them out in the shakiest amateur calligraphy hand ever.  I assembled them into a couple of portfolios, and trundled off to my last  day of consolidation to present them to my classmates.

Much to my surprise, my classmates liked them.  More importantly, they related to them.  They said I should consider publishing them.

So I decided I would do just that.  My roommate James, being the exceptional artist and generous person that he is, offered to contribute illustrations and help make this a real thing.

Which brings us to the whole point of this post: it’s time.  After many, many hours of work, and decision making, and troubleshooting, and keyboard smashing, and facepalming, and deep breathing, and reformatting, and uploading, and proofreading, and exporting… It’s time.

Time to take the plunge.  To put my money where my mouth is.  Time to ante up.  Time to walk the talk, or some garbage like that.

It’s time to order the books.

This is a big step, guys.  Are you ready?